passat volkswagen

passat volkswagen

hi, mi name is lucas and today i bring yousomething special. this car is a passat cc 2 litre turbo exclusive 2011. the passat ccdifferenciates itself from the conventional passat in that this car has the so calledfour door coupe body style. design line it shares with the mercedes benz cls, bmws grandcoupe, porsche panamera and the audi a7, among many others. it also has more agressive stylingthan the conventional passat as well as a more ponounced arching of the roof. one ofthe main styling differences between the 2.0 liter passat and the 3.6 v6 are the 17 inchrims on the 2.0 while the v6 has 18 inch rims. let's see the interior now. the exclusivetrim line which is this car's is the top of the line trim within the four cylinder engineshas keyless entry which allows you to start

the car as well as lock and unlock the doorswith just having the key in your pocket. the interior is very reminiscing of other volkswagensis notable for its great practicality and great functionality. it has leather seating,a large sunroof, dual-zone climate control with seat heaters and a well sized touch screen.the car is started by pressing the brakes and pressing the start button. this car hasthe six-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with sport mode as well as a sequential modewith steering wheel mounted levers, electronic parking brake with auto hold function thatallows you to start the car in a hill without it rolling backwards and prevents the carfrom creeping forward in a stoplight. parking sensors in the front as in the back, tirepressure monitoring system and a useful electric

curtain in the back. both front seats areelectric and the driver's seat has 3 memories. all 4 windows are one-touch both ways andthe side mirrors are electrically adjusted, heated and electrically folding. in storagematters they are decent with space to store sunglasses and a good glove box as well asa nice central console. my only complaint would be towards the door bins which are minuscle,rear doors don't even have this space. let's see how it sounds. in parking mode the limiteris reduced to 4000 rpm. headlights are bixenon with foglights and headlight washers whichare activated only when the lights are fully on. the onboard computer allows you to controlall kinds of function from the audio, the phone and different kinds of the left of the steering wheel there are

2 stalks, the higher one controls the lightswhile the one below is the setting for the cruise control. the cruise control is pre-activatedby pulling the stalk towards the driver and then you can continue to travel at your currentspeed by pushing it backwards again or set the speed by moving the stalk upwards anddownwards. the minimum speed for it to work is 20 km/h. in the right stalk there are thecontrols for the rain sensor sensibility as well as those of the windshield wipers.thecentral console has a stainless steel accent with an analogic clock in the center. theengine is a 200 horse power 2 liter tsi, starting on the 2012 model this engine has 211 is a very well known vw group engine which is equipped by the audi a6, the a4, the a3the vw tiguan and actually almost every vehicle

in the group. turbocharged with 4 cylindersand 16 valves. in the central console of the 2 liter engine, the other has only 4 seatesthere is confortable arm rest with a tiny place for storage and cupholders. let's concludethe review by watching the trunk. the trunk can be opened either by pressing the vw logoor by holding the trunk opening key on the key fob, like this. it is a very large bootand the spare tire is the same as all other 4 tires complete with an alloy wheel. well,i almost forget to mention the bluetooth and phone connectivity system. by pressing thebutton on the cieling the voice command is activated that allow you to call a numberthat is on your phone book. "there is no phone connected, main menu" me: "cancel" it workspretty well from my own experience. if you

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