passat volkswagen dashboard symbols

passat volkswagen dashboard symbols

hi friends of the passat 35i. today we going to make a very big repair this passat has a "climatronic". at that time it has been the best air condition system available the disadvantage of the system are the flaps. with the time they are not anymore tight. a damaged blending flap you notice when the car is not anymore warming up in order to access the heating bloc, the dashboard has to be removed this is quite a job, thus we make two videos. the first one shows only how to remove and how to install the dashboard for removing the dashboard you have to unplug a lot of connections. the plugs are unique, but it is absolute necessary to write down the position of every plug in order to bring the wiring harness back in position before touching the electrics, especially the airbags, disconnect the battery place the cable save

we start with the small shelf at the right side which is fixed by 4 screws and hooked in at the left side the hook would be here, but somebody broke it before the small shelf at the drivers side is hold by a plastic screw the main part of the shelf has again 4 screws and 1 hook this insulation has been removed with the shelf the removal of the center console starts at the rear ashtray pull the ashtray and you see the 2 nuts below unlock the cover of the parking brake lever and remove the grip and cover remove the gear shift knob including the boot

unclip the cover and remove the rear part of the console unclip the cover completely with such a plastic tool and remove it the front part of the console is fixed by 2 nuts here and 2 bolts left and right of the console lift the rear side out of the studs and pull the console backwards unplug the lighter unclip these plugs from the console and we can dismount the console we continue with the steering wheel and the instrument cluster

the wheels should direct precisely in forward direction the airbag unit is hold by 2 bolts with an allen head remove the airbag carefully. touch the ground to avoid electrostatic discharges before unplugging the airbag unplug the airbag here never place an airbag on the front side store it always like this remove the cover below the steering column. it has 2 screws the cover has some clips in addition under the foam is another plug

unlock the central nut of the steering wheel mark the position of the wheel to the steering column remove the wheel the covering frame of the instrument cluster has 2 phillips screws the second screw is here remove the frame carefully the steering column switch has 3 bolts with torx head under the steering column switch is a plug, and below this is a second plug another plug is here on the right side

remove the left part of the steering column switch under the cover is a holder for the airbag cable remove the red plug and take off the right side of the steering column switch for dismounting the radio, you'll need such a tool the wire has a diameter of 3 mm and at the end are some grooves insert the tools in the holes and remove the radio you'll just have space enough to remove the plugs at backside press out the switches from the rear and unplug them the same with the blind plugs, here with a thermometer glued on them

remove the plug from the microphone for removing the central vents bring them in this position in the vents are phillips screws the second screw is placed here unclip the control pannel of the climatronic on the lower side and take it off unplug it, the groove is on the lower side the central cover has another screw here unplug the light guide of the ashtray remove the light guide by turning it upwards

and the last screw of the cover is here weave the cable of the light guide thru the gap in the middle draw down the cover and unplug it thats the whole cover with the vents remove the wiring harness from the holder the instrument cluster is hold by 2 phillips screws turn the instrument cluster a little, pull it on the right side and unplug it remove the wiring harness behind the cluster from the holders cut the cable tie here

weave the whole wiring harness from the middle to the hole of the instrument cluster remove the screw from the left side vent remove the switches below the vent. such a plastic tool is quite helpful unplug the switch another screw is here also the warnings lights can be pressed out from the backside under the lights you'll find the last screw unplug the loudspeaker remove the wiring harness from the holder and weave it to the middle

unplug the light sensor unplug the switch of the brake pedal also the right side vent has a phillips screw inside now you see the disadvantage when you order everything your car dealer is offering the car has a second airbag it seems to be from porsche - it is fixed by 11 bolts the last one? this have been only the lower row the second row of bolts is up here now we have the airbag. just unplug it

the airbag frame has another 4 bolts the last bolt is here the screw in vent we have already removed. unclip the vent here unplug the cable of the loudspeaker separate the wiring harness of the right door now the preparations for the dashboard removal are made now we have to look for all bolts the first bolts are here on the side under the plastic caps the same bolts we have on the other side

2 bolts more we have here in the middle with this holder you can make a lot of scratches in the dashboard, thus i dismount them after loosening the dashboard, the right air duct can be removed the wiring harness has some holders more another holder is hidden in the corner here the left air duct can be removed, too the lower air duct is fixed by a screw here at the sides are two metal clips which has to be pushed outwards now the air duct is loose and can be removed

weave the wiring harness from the right side to the hole of the instrument cluster remove the dashboard in this way now you can repair the climatronic install the dashboard by pushing it first up and when down take care that the central air duct fits well insert this part coming from downstairs under the dashboard like this is fine, now we can fix the part install the right wiring harness here along the dashboard sort all the wiring harnesses und weave them to their place

connect the small vacuum hose of the central air distributor here the air distributor is fixed with these clips left and right fasten the distributor with a screw here insert the left air duct from downstairs and bring it in position connect the loudspeaker install the right air duct install the 2 holders of the dashboard insert all bolts of the dashboard without fastening them check the position of the dashboard and fasten all bolts

and finally, add the caps plug in the cable to the brake pedal cleaning the contacts is always a great idea the wiring harness of the right door has 2 plugs here the vent is a funny construction. the grid is too small for the screw you must insert the screw from the backside before attaching the vent insert the vent and fasten the screw mount the frame of the airbag with 4 screws the first screw holds the frame for the moment

connect the airbag and insert it with care in the frame insert one screw to hold the airbag for the moment and now fasten all the 11 screws, i feel like working on my porsche and now the upper row don't forget the plug of the light sensor put the screw on the screwdriver and put the screw in the hole press the air duct on the vent fasten the 2 lower screws

starting with the abs warning light i start to mount the switches next i install the light switch bring all in right position and press them in the frame press the wiring harness for the center console in the holder plug in all cables for the center vent i glued the screws on 2 screwdrivers sort all the plugs and connect the microphone plug in the light guide fasten the screw in the lower left corner

clip the light guide in position and fasten the right screw with care press in the blind caps press the switch for the rear window heating in its plug the same with the switch for the fog light connect the radio and press it in the slot plug in the control panel of the climatronic and press it in the console this old car has still a mechanical tachometer shaft, i coat it with white grease

next comes the instrument cluster, it has only one plug here is the place for the tachometer shaft i plug in the instrument cluster insert the lower side first check if the tachometer shaft is in and fasten the instrument cluster by one screw at the right and one at the left side i install the right side of the stearing column switch connect the red plug to it fix the cable in the holder of the cover

install the left part of the steering column switch plug in the cable on the right side and on the left side are 2 connectors the bigger one is on top of the smaller connector fasten the steering column switch with the 3 long bolts the bolts have a torx head insert the cover frame of the instrument cluster it has 2 phillips screws put on the steering wheel, check that the marks are aligned

connect the airbag cable and protect with the foam mount the central nut and fasten it with 50 nm mount the lower cover beside the clips there are 2 screws and the other side connect the airbag and put it on the steering wheel fasten the 2 bolts of the airbag with 7 nm add the isolation part to the shelf and mount them together

fasten the shelf with its 4 srews insert the center console coming from the rear upper connect the lighter press the console down on the studs clip the plugs in their holders press the console in position put the plastic nuts on the bolts at the sides are additional screws fasten the plastic nuts with great care, otherwise you'll go to the shop for buying new ones

insert the rear part of the center console fasten the console with the 2 screws here press the gear shifter cover over the ring. a new one would we nicer! invert the boot of the gear shifter and screw the knob on the shifter fold the boot over the frame mount the cover of the parking brake lever and press the grip on mount the cover of the lighter mount the rear ashtray and mount the front ashtray, too

insert the shelf here and press it in position screw number 4 is here after all electrics and the airbags are mounted we may connect the battery the car has airbags, thus nobody is allowed to be in the car during while connecting the battery at the end i test all the electrical equipment this has really been a big deal to replace the dashboard but we managed! see you in our next video. don't forget to click on the ads

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