elite auto tiguan volkswagen

elite auto tiguan volkswagen

a subtle name change and a new architectureunderpin vw’s latest 5-door: the 2015 golf sportwagen. based on the new 7th generationgolf, this wagon rightfully loses its jetta moniker and is bigger yet lighter and morepowerful yet more fuel efficient. 2015 volkswagen golf sportwagen selthe stationwagon has become a sport-utility alternative. today’s models are usually marketed towardsshoppers who desire the drivability of a traditional car with the versatility of an suv. they sitlower and weigh less so they deliver better handling and fuel economy while often goingtoe-to-toe in cargo capacity. let’s use this new golf sportwagen as an example andstay within the vw family by comparing it to their compact suv the tiguan. well, thiscar costs about $5,000 less, saves you approximately

$600 per year at the pump, offers similarpassenger volume and considerably more luggage space and weighs about 300 pounds less. thetiguan’s advantages boil down to its ability to tow and its available all-wheel drive systemand i couldn’t help but to think this week how many more sportwagen’s vw could sellif there was a 4motion option, especially here in the northeast. it seems as thoughit’s the american stigma towards the wagon more than anything else that keeps this bodystyleplaying 2nd fiddle to the suv and unfortunately, vw’s design studio has done nothing hereto discredit the wagon’s uncool reputation. and this is my only major criticism of anotherwise very likeable machine – but vw desperately needs a new design direction.now if its appearance doesn’t sour you,

than you have a great little wagon…creativelyengineered, a joy to drive and bigger than you’d think. this is my first spin in any of the new golfvariants and it's immediately evident why it's been receiving so many accolades. thisis vw at its best; light, nimble and definitely fun to drive with an expertly tuned germanengineered suspension. with excellent forward visibility and ergonomics to match, the golfjust feels easy to operate. and it's sized to be highly useful, just like a good wagonshould. there is a clean diesel option, but my testerruns with the spunky, lovable 1.8-liter turbo-4 producing 170 horsepower and 199 pound-feetof turbo punch at a low 1,600 rpm. then on/off

nature of the turbo makes stop and go traffica little spastic, but those with a youthful soul will enjoy this powertrain’s spiritedness.here on this top sel trim, it comes standard with a smart 6-speed automatic with sportmode and paddle shifters. if you eschew the 5-speed manual this unit won’t disappoint.and fuel economy of 25mpg city/35mpg highway on regular is admirable. i have forgotten more of these cargo coversin my garage than i care to admit. but finally vw provides a clever in-car storage solutionas part of the variable luggage compartment floor. there are lots of clever ways to keep yourstuff secure, sectioned off and stowed and

you can fit a ton of it back here, with latchesin the cargo area to drop the rear seats, expanding to over 66 cubic feet – that’smore than even vw’s biggest suv, the touareg. and to my surprise, rear seat room is stellartoo, with adult-sized leg room. this sel trim has a huge panoramic sunroof furthering thefeeling of airiness. other sel perks include sweet-looking 18” wheels, silver roof railsand optionally available adaptive bi-xenon headlights with led running lights and frontand rear proximity sensors providing park distance control and forward collision warningthough no side blind zone alert. inside you get sport seats with 12-way driver’s sidepower adjustment, ambient lighting with led reading lights, climate control and a navigationsystem. this touchscreen unit is small with

low res graphics, but has been updated withsome welcome features such as a proximity sensor that knows when your finger is gettingclose to the screen. there’s vw car-net connected features but how on earth is thereno usb port? there’s a cd player and sd card slots in the cooled glovebox but nowhereto recharge my iphone 6. the new gauge display is welcome too, displaying various informationthrough newly designed steering wheel switchgear. don’t take too much with you though; thecenter console is tiny and stuff-it space is at a premium. msrp is $31,855. the new sportwagen is an excellent additionto the golf family and represents vw’s best qualities. it’s a wagon done right.

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