auto vw tiguan r-line

auto vw tiguan r-line

laurent : today, we are near bologna, in italy, to review a brand new french car, the second generation peugeot 3008. with it, the brand based in sochaux is trying to take on the german car manufacturers. stan : hey, laurent… that’s a good news, because i came here with the latest generation of the volkswagen tiguan. it is widely regarded as the reference in the european suv market. so, let’s set the new 3008 against one of the best in its class. laurent : no problem... first, let’s talk about the looks.

the 3008’s design is far more original than the tiguan. stan : i must admit that i am pretty surprised, the looks are very nice. but i’m sure the inside must be like in all old-style peugeot : boring, dull, mundane... laurent : come and see for yourself, it’s even more impressive than the bodywork. so, this is a pretty sight, isn’t it ? the presentation is very well-made, sporty and original. you do have this peculiar steering wheel, with its flat top and flat bottom, a touchscreen that is very functional, but you can also use it with these lovely shortcut buttons…

even the gear lever looks nice to me. stan : i admit the design of the 3008’s dashboard is stunning. but there is something more. the quality of the materials is faultless. i am a huge fan of volkswagen, as you know. but i reckon peugeot has improved a lot in this matter, the chandlery is spotless. sadly, laurent, you see, in 1989, my father bought a peugeot 405. and it featured the very same sun visor mirror… laurent : that’s tough.

in 1989, your father’s 405 wasn’t fitted with the same wooden parts. and above all, there was no so-called "virtual cockpit". this configurable screen replaces the usual instruments panel. you can even include the gps’s informations… stan : great, mate. but it is also featured in the tiguan. come and have a look. laurent : that volkswagen tiguan looks a bit ordinary, doesn’t it ? stan : that’s true, it is not as innovative as the 3008,

but it suits everybody. since 2007, 2.8 million tiguans have been sold around the world. i don’t think peugeot did better than that. laurent : the production of the peugeot started in 2009. only 700 000 cars have been sold. **dog : wouf wouf** ok, it’s beautiful, very neat, no issues there. but i cannot say if i am inside a golf, a passat or a tiguan. all volkswagens look pretty much the same.

stan : this is quite correct, laurent. but at least, you feel comfortable. and just as the bodywork, it is consensual. those two suvs are evenly matched in terms of quality. but the tiguan offers larger back seats and more legroom : 79 cm on the tiguan vs 72 cm for the 3008. the volkswagen also features another asset : sliding backseats. with it, the capacity of the boot can be increased from 550 to 615 litres. laurent : the french car also does well, withâ aâ 591â litersâ boot.

unfortunately, the back seats areâ notâ asâ comfortableâ asâ the tiguan’s. you feel a little more cramped, exceptâ forâ theâ headroomâ : the roof stands 8 centimetres higher in the 3008. if you happen to be a bit tall, that’s a small plus. how do you feel at the wheel of this 3008 ? isn’t it too modern for a vw tiguan driver ? stan : you are being mean… it’s true that it is a complete change from the more traditional tiguan. maybe a bit too much…

this small steering wheel may prove unsettling for those who are not used to it, like tiguan drivers. laurent : the elderly, for instance… stan : come on. ok, the tiguan’s steering wheel isâ positionned higher. but at least, the tiguan offers a 4-wheel drive version. by the way, the volkswagen we are testing right now is only available as a 4wd. i know that in europe, people don’t buy manyâ 4wdâ suvs, but it may prove handy if you live in a mountainous area or in the countryside. and the 3008 is only available asâ aâ frontâ wheelâ driveâ car… laurent : that’s true, it is one of the few suvs that is not fitted with 4wd.

at least, if you go there from time to time, you can add an optional electronic “advancedâ grip control” system, not as good as a 4wd, but quite efficient. peugeot also provides a hill descent control that may prove useful if you tackle a snowy road. stan : there is something else that bothers me atâ theâ wheel of this 3008. that’s the automatic gearbox. it is nice. but the tiguan has a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox thatâ feels quicker. laurent : ok, now, i will drive your volkswagen tiguan, right ? stan : of course, you will.

laurent. this new tiguan. it just feels perfect, doesn’tâ itâ ? laurent : perfect, i’m not sure, but this is very well balanced, even though the front axle feels a little lazier thanâ onâ theâ 3008. this is more a family car than the peugeot, so that seems quite logical. but when you drive this tiguan just after the 3008, thisâ steering wheel is just… i feel like i am driving a lorry or a cargo van. it just looks so bulky. by the way, talking about commercial vehicules, the acoustic treatment is much less meticulous than inside the peugeot…

stan : it’s a bit noisier, that’s true. laurent : you mentioned earlier the 3008’s gearbox andâ its failings… here, we do have a robotized gearbox. and i agree it does an excellent job. you don’t even have to shift the paddles. even in the auto mode, it is very reactive. but i do have a complaint. when it comes to slow-speed manå“uvres, theâ clutchâ isâ slipping a lot, and you have to push the throttle quite hard inâ orderâ toâ move. this is really unpleaseant.

furthermore, the turning circle is far smaller in the peugeot than in the volkswagen. in the 3008, you can do a u-turn in a very small street, and that’s useful when your are driving in a city. stan : to summarize, this new tiguan feels more like aâ family car than the 3008, the french car seems like a sportier alternative. laurent : sportier, yes, nicer to drive, butâ alsoâ farâ lessâ expensive than the volkswagen. stan : that’s the price of â« deutsche qualitã¤t â» ! laurent : we drove hundreds of kilometers during our stay here. for us, the winner of this duel is the peugeot 3008.

this car is very well-made, nice to drive andâ cheaperâ thanâ its rival. furthermore, it is not penalized by the french co2 tax, when the tiguan gets a 900 euros price hike. the tiguan is a good car, but you can keep the key… stan : still, the volkswagen is better whenâ itâ comesâ toâ capacity, and you may purchase it with as a 4-wheel drive, whichâ is impossible with the peugeot. we hope you enjoyed this competition betweenâ theâ tiguan and the 3008, and we hope to see you soon on andâ onâ our youtube channel. ciao. **i shouldn’t go there, because that’s not where the steering wheel is… **

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