auto trader volkswagen tiguan

auto trader volkswagen tiguan

look, this is the most interesting news. the passat got an updates and it is called 'passat', the passat cc got an update and it is called 'cc'. vw now even talks about 'the previous cc'. even for that car the name passat is no longer allowed.' what interests me is th reason why. why is vw doing this? the reason is they want this car to be more upmarket, more executive. in the usa, the difference between the passat and this cc is bigger then over here. so they wanted to seperate them more. the most important news for us? well, uh... the new nose. because there aren't many technical updates. of course they changed a little more than just the outside. for example you can now get a lot more gadgets. stuff like adaptive lighting, auto cruise controle with autobrake, and the lanekeeping now works together with dead angle detection. nice, of course, but nothing we haven't seen before in this class, so it is no usp. okay the interior then. i am not crazy about it. not that much has changed. i didn't really like it in the nw passat, i don't really like it here.

they changed a few small buttons and stuff, but that is it. and the finishing is good enough, but the materials... look at this hard plastic here... not exactly executive, is it? look at the interior of a ds4 or ds5! this here isn't at that level. but how does it drive. just like the previous version, there is a clear difference between the passat saloon and this cc. this car cleary has a harder suspension, the drive is far better, maybe a little less comfort but i don't mind. also the steering feels more heavy. it drive likes a good volkswagen. so not too sporty, but good communication ending in some understeer. very clean, very safe. the engines they offer are the same as always. some tsi, some tdi. al good, no problem. a 3.6 v6 with 300 ps will come a few months later. right now we drive the 2.0 tdi with 170 ps. a little rough edge on the sound, the hdi's are quieter. but still a very good engine this. that whole idea to make this car more executive is a little far fached. this cannot compete with an a6 or 5-series, or even new the 3-series.

+ good engines + still looks special - interior more or less the same - lot more expensive than normal passat.

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