auto parts volkswagen tiguan

auto parts volkswagen tiguan

paul: how you doing? paul from deutsche auto we're here with charles from humble mechanic and we're gonna be doing an installon a fuel pump for a 2.0 tsi engine. charles:all right. for this particular diy, we're going to be replacing the high pressure fuelpump on a two liter tsi engine. this is the high pressure fuel pump and there's only reallya few tools that you're gonna need for this job, and that's gonna be a t30 torx, a numberfive allen, a 17 millimeter box wrench, a 19 millimeter box wrench, a pair of hose clamppliers, and i like to always have a screwdriver, a pocket screwdriver, and a flashlight you will be opening the fuel system up

on this job, so i also recommend wearing somegloves and having a shop rag available to clean up any fuel you're gonna spill. hey everybody. charles for had asked me to come out today and help him shoot some video on replacing a high pressurefuel pump on a tsi engine and this is paul's car and i'm gonna go over the procedure toreplace the high pressure fuel pump, which is located right here. it's a pretty straightforwardjob. i'm gonna take a few things off that you may not necessarily have to. it just opensup the engine compartment a little and gives us some more room to work. the basic toolsthat you need are gonna be a t30, a number five allen, a 17 millimeter wrench, and somehose pliers to pull this rubber hose off.

this rubber hose right here is probably thetrickiest part of the entire job. all right. so, like i said, i'm gonna takethe airbox out. it just opens up the engine bay a little bit more. i'm gonna show youhow to do that. first, disconnect the airflow meter and lay this connector to the side.depending on where you wanna take the back hose clamp off is up to you. you can takeit off here. i actually like to take it off of this one like that. i'm gonna take thefront of the airbox off. there's three tabs that you just need to pull up. take off thesecondary air filter pipe. some cars don't have this, so obviously if your car doesn'thave that, you don't need to worry about it. there's one screw that needs to be undonebetween the airbox and the vehicle battery.

i'm gonna release this out of the front, giveit a good pull, take this piece off the airbox induction pipe, set that to the side. nowone thing you wanna be careful is don't pull this straight up. you need to kinda massageit out. if you pull it straight up, you're gonna break a coolant line. and you'll seeonce i get it out how much more room we got to work. so there's the entire airbox out.i'm gonna lay that to the side. now you can see we got a whole bunch more room to getto this high pressure fuel pump. okay, now that we're looking a little bittighter in on the high pressure fuel pump, i'm gonna i can show you exactly what i'mgonna do. it's really two bolts that hold this pump in one hard fuel line and one softfuel line. now you notice i have these paper

towels tucked up under here. you are gonnalose a little bit of fuel undoing this bottom line, so that's something you wanna make sureyou take into account. make sure you're being safe with what you do. you don't want to geta mouth or eyeball full of fuel. okay, so i'm gonna be taking off the two t30 screwsfirst. now these screws are gonna be fairly tight, so you wanna make sure to get the t30set in there properly. now on something like this that is actually spring-loaded, i liketo take them out a little at a time on each screw, and before i get it all the way out,a little trick is gonna be to crack the fuel line down here at the bottom loose first.this is where your 17 millimeter wrench comes in. again, this fuel is under a little bitof pressure. you can bleed the pressure off

if you want, but if you don't, just make sureyou're being safe. you can see that it leaves a little bit of fuel here. and that just aftercracking it loose, usually you can just spin it right off like that. i'm gonna also disconnectit and move the connector out of the way and then we just run the screws out all the restof the way. all right. now that we have both screws out and the hard fuel line off, we'regonna take this rubber fuel line off and with the right hose clamp pliers, it's actuallynot that hard of a thing to do. you pull the clamp back. now, like i said in the beginning,this is probably the most challenging part right here. if you have some lubrication spray,give it a little spray and that'll loosen up the hose a little bit. and then i actuallylike to pull this out all the way and try

not to tear paul's hose up. this is why ilike to take the high pressure pump out first. as you can see, i'm kinda pulling and twistingat the same time. now that it's separated a little, we can pull it off the rest of theway. now you have one tsi high pressure fuel pump. now one thing while you have that high pressurefuel pump out you wanna check is the follower. the easiest way to get that out is to takea magnet and just kind of ease it out just like that and inspect the roller and the keyway.this one can only go in one way, so there's no need to worry about orientation. now, eventhough you're pulling this out and inspecting it, this one doesn't have the wear problemslike some of the older fsi engines do, but

you're already most of the way there, youmight as well go ahead and pull it out and inspect it. and if it looks good, just dropit right back in the way you had it. all right. this is our old pump and this iswhat a new pump looks like. now you'll notice that the old pump has this fitting on theend and the new pump doesn't, so that's something you're gonna need to transfer from your oldpump onto your new pump. and that's very easy. it's just a 19 millimeter bolt head. justget a 19 millimeter wrench, take this off, and reinstall it on the new one. all right. basically the installation is prettymuch the same as the removal. the one special note i will say is make sure you get thisset properly. this is very soft and it's easy

to cross-thread. i know that because i'vedone it, so just take your time installing it and much like when i was taking it out,i like to run these two t30s in a little bit at a time to prevent tweaking the pump atall. another good tip while you're doing this is, before you tighten this pump down allthe way, start your fuel, your high pressure fuel line on that fitting. it makes it a littleeasier while you have some wiggle in the pump and on the fitting. i don't tighten this allthe way till i have the fuel pump tight. and install our low pressure fuel line and clamp,plug our pump in, reinstall the airbox, and we're good to go. all right. our last step is to go ahead andput the airbox back on. now i don't generally

separate them when i'm taking the whole thingout. you can. it does make it a tiny bit easier, but if you just pull up a little bit on thiscoolant pipe, you can actually reinstall it fairly easily. just like that. give it a push.there is one screw that has to be screwed in and that's a number five allen. that'ssnug. go ahead and plug our mass airflow meter in. put our wire back. put our clamp on. justlike that. the last pieces of our ducting. our secondary air filter pipe. cover. andreinstall the engine cover. and that's it. thanks for watching. i hope you guys enjoyedthe video.

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