auto hold volkswagen tiguan

auto hold volkswagen tiguan

vw 2.ot tsi air filter replacement diy (howto) today, we are going over on how to replacean air filter on 2.0 tsi engine. this is going to be on a 2013 cc. tools required for thisjob are hose clamp pliers, a 3/8 ratchet, and a 3-inch extension with a t25 torx. as mentioned earlier, the t25 torx will removethe eight screws that hold the top of the airbox at the bottom of the airbox. they aremounted at either side of this pipe and then around the perimeter of the airbox itself. we can start removing this hose and it isbest to take off the mass airflow sensor connector and the hose clamp. after that, we will removeall the screws and remove the top of the airbox.

to remove the squeeze clamps on the otherside, there's a clip on the top and at the bottom of where the clamp is on. when yousqueeze the side, it releases the tension which allows the clip off. the best thingto do is squeeze it and then kind of rock it. you will see they are clipped on thispart and at the bottom. sometimes, they can be pretty challenging to get off but onceyou rock it back and forth just a bit, you can get it off. we will go through to remove the electricalconnector for the mass airflow connector sensor. you do so by just pushing down right on theselection connector and pulling it off. now, we are going to go ahead to remove thespring clamp that holds the air intake on

to the mass airflow sensor. all you need isa pair of spring clamp pliers to remove it. these are specifically design for this styleclamp, but you also can just use a standard set of pliers. pump it on there, squeeze itand slide it off to let it go and then let it stay there. after that, you can just removethis pipe, slide off the mass airflow sensor and you are done. now, we are going to go ahead and remove theeight screws that hold it on. once we have done them all loose, we can just remove thecover. this particular air filter is for vehicle for around 2000 miles. if you take a look,you will see some dirt spots around here and on the side. you can pay that to a brand newfilter. some of the newer filters have a different

type of orange while this one is kind of pinkaround the rubber seal. however, if you take around the filters, they are significantlydifferent in color overall. now, on top of offering the volkswagen airfilter, we also offer a k&n version. they are reusable so they are lifetime would not need to replace, just clean it, get a recharge kit and reuse it at yourservice interval. when you have your new filter, just drop themin place and make sure that it is inside all the box area so your filter is not pullingoutside of the edge. grab the top, mount it back on and make sure the screws are all linedup. start tightening the screws. when these are all tight, slide the pipe back on andit should pop on pretty easily to the mass

airflow sensor. to reinstall the clamp, squeezeit, slide it back where it is mounted and let it go. make sure it is on this channelall the way around because sometimes it will rotate one way or another. plug the mass airflowsensor connector back in. there is clamp on the side of the pipe where the wire is holdingto make sure it does not get away of anything. finally, all you have to do is to installthe second air hose on the front. all you have to do is push it on and snap it on place. that is how you install an air filter on 2.0tsi volkswagen cc.

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