vw amarok 2014 for sale

vw amarok 2014 for sale

we are with the vw amarok. amarok is the handsome pickup of the vw. i am saying handsome because in the past the pickup trucks were not this attention grabbing and magnificent since they were only used for carrying loads. but today since people see them as reasonably priced suv, naturally its quality increased. let’s see what kind of answers the amarok gives in this sense to the expectations of the people? let’s analyze it together... let us start to analyze the amarok, as always, from its design but i do not think there is much to be said about the design of a pickup. the new headlamps with led and big grill have an important share in the amarok’s beautiful outlook.

when we come towards the side of the vehicle these wide fenders ensure the amarok to look powerful and majestic. 19 inches aluminum alloy wheel rims that can be purchased at exclusive level ensure the amarok to appear much more elite if you ask me. there are no shadow plays on the doors when you view from here but the fenders at the rear also have share to its powerful look. when you look here, you observe the rails that you are accustomed to see in many of the pickups are also used on the amarok. in my opinion the rear of the amarok is not outstanding as its front. as a matter of fact, all the other pickups are the same as well if you ask me. when you look from here, you see a chromium bumper, a running board and big taillights directly proportional with the vehicle’s size. let me tell you what kind of loading area is offered in the amarok. you open the loading area by first raising this and than doing this.

i should open a bracket here; you are able to mount this piece subsequently. in other words, this piece does not come with the vehicle when you buy it. as you can see, this place is larger than any that you can compare with the passenger car. in here you can really carry loads and your everyday articles. but there is one disadvantage here, as this cover opens like this, it is hard when you want to reach out inside. in short, no matter how you look at it there is about 1.5 meters distance towards the end. therefore, i have to say that this is a disadvantage. in my judgment, in the rear seats of the amarok, living space that will satisfy the expectations is offered. i am 178 cm tall and this seat is adjusted to my ideal driving position.

as you can see a good knee room is offered here. due to the high ceiling, the headroom is quite satisfactory. there is offered a place for the third passenger to sit and place his legs comfortably. but there is one negation in the cockpit of the pickup i have to mention. the last section of the cockpit is steep. in short, the backrest of the rear seats because of this is steep. in other words, you may not be very comfortable here if you wish to take long journeys. as soon as you get into the amarok you clearly realize that you are in a vw. it shows you clearly with its steering wheel, dashboard, music system and a/c controls.

i can say that the quality of the materials used is not of course as good as the vw passenger car models. but if you keep in mind it is a pickup, than the well-groomed outlook of the amarok will be in evidence. the indicators are legible and you are able to keep track of the data from the trip computer in the mid center very easily. the design of the steering wheel is good and it fits to the hand well. for your small items there is a small section here upside and there is a place in front of the gear lever for many items to be able to put down. two cup-holders beside the hand brake and the armrest, as i see it, provide sufficient areas in the interior. the glove compartment is not very big, but you are able to put few articles here as well. the only negative sign here for the amarok is, while its japanese rivals l200 and hilux have touch screen multimedia it still use classical music system. the living space in the front of the amarok is very spacious.

in here you nearly have to lunge to be able to reach the passenger sitting next to you because a very good gap has been offered here. the seats are comfortable and you are able to adjust your sitting position easily. since they have been positioned high, you have a very good field of vision in the front. thus, when you are driving the amarok you have a command of the road and feel safe as well. let us consider the engine and the driving features of the amarok. under the bonnet of the amarok, 2.0 liters twin turbo charged diesel engine called bitdi is functioning. this engine develops 180 hp and 420 nm of torque and has 8-speed automatic gearbox. the engine with twin turbo charged as well as high torque value offers very good driving features despite its heavy body. the gearbox is not double clutch because, to be able to compensate the high torque value, this vehicle utilize automatic gearbox with torque converter.

but i think it is good enough to deserve praise with its smooth passes. the gearbox executes its selections in time and correctly. but if you still have a need to drive manually, you are able to do it from the gear lever. the amarok normally advances with 4-wheel drive system. 60% of the power is at the rear axle and 40% of it at front. when the need arise, especially on off road, you can lock the rear differential gear from the button next to the gear lever. as this treatment take place electronically, you can also do it while the vehicle is on the move. the amarok due to its high ground clearance and successful traction features, in my opinion is quite good on off road too. all right, as a matter of fact it needs to be mentioned how much this big, 5 meters long pickup is suitable to everyday usage.

for one thing, i can say that the ease of handling of the amarok is trouble-free. but if you are not accustomed to drive this big a vehicle, you may have difficulty especially at maneuvers in the city, at road turnings and at parking’s. however, to park is not a big problem because there are park sensors in the front and in the rear of this vehicle i have been driving. as long as you find a place to fit this vehicle in the city than it is no longer a misery. the suspensions of the amarok have been set for load carrying and not for impact absorption. therefore, if the rear is unloaded the frame bounce even on ripples on the road surface and cause you to be a bit uncomfortable in the cabin. even though the body oscillation does not felt much in the front, you feel the vibrations much more at the rear. but this consequently is not the amarok’s problem; this is generally the main problem of the pickup trucks. in other words, if you are buying the amarok with the logic that it is a convenient priced suv, i can clearly say that it will not satisfy your comfort expectations.

the steering reactions and the road handling of the amarok is not bad at all for a pickup. when you drive the amarok at reasonable speeds there is no bother as insulation is concerned. but when you want to reach high speeds or when you press the throttle hard for acceleration the engine noise is heard in the cockpit. furthermore, due to the aerodynamics of the vehicle and due to the big mirrors the wind noise is heard in the cockpit when high speeds are achieved. despite all, to say that the insulation of the amarok is weak will be injustice because this after all is a pickup. finally, lets find out the fuel consumption of the amarok. i have been driving this vehicle for 200 km and the trip computer at the moment indicates to me 10.7 liters fuel consumption averages. as i see it, when you consider the length and the power of this vehicle, this value is not bad at all. besides, i should also point out that i have covered 80 km from the time i have started the vehicle today

and at the moment the averages indicated for this is 8.0 liters. this shows up that the amarok has a frugal potential if driven unloaded and in the open traffic. if you are going to use the amarok to serve its purpose, you can be very glad with its powerful engine as well as quality cockpit and wide loading area. but if on your mind is an idea that you are purchasing a convenient priced suv, than unfortunately it means that you will not find the comfort and driving ease you expect. see you...

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