volkswagen puerto rico

volkswagen puerto rico

this morning i'm going to be doing a airintake air filter change on a 2013 turbo-diesel beetle first thing i wantto do is that clean off your intake cover using a painters brush just to getall the dust off because when we open this unit we don't want to introduceunnecessary dust in that section you can also use a leaf blower if you have onebrush seems to work fine to get most of the dust off once you've cleaned it outproperly their 8th star bolt that you got to remove 12345678 and that side i believe that's a t25 let's try it t25 that's how it has that whole ifyou're going to get into focus as that

whole so 225 we're going to remove alleight of these for the hard-to-reach bolts have usedthis extended socket t25 dream of it once all the balls that loosened up youcan lift this up but you'll get a little bit of resistance in this connectionhere and here in this clamp i tend not to like to disconnect more thannecessary let's see what we can do okay so withoutremoving any of these connections you can just simply once everything isloosened up as far as the bolts you can lift this off exposing the air filterunderneath removing the old air filter it's in a pretty tightly well as all thedust in there are going to take that out

to look at that that's pretty grossisn't it so i'm going to use a wetback to vacuum that out clean it up alright so i'm going to whip crack allthat stuff yeah ok position when you're done vacuuming nextthing we're going to do we're going to put the brand new filter in place this is a genuine part from volkswagenand their volkswagen filtration system looks like this one came from poland butya gonna put this in now

really nice and snug push it in all theedges push it in really good and then cover it back make sure that all theedges are done to see how it's sticking on the side of smackdown once that's in place we will then justretaining all of the screws that far left side and come over here tothis far right side we're going to do that for all ablealways hiding itself isn't going to the plastic east over here to this one whenyou're done tighten all the bolts back count them12345678 and make sure that they're all tight now there's one other intakechamber that you should check other

right here is pop that lip right therejust pop that off to look inside make sure there are no leaves in here this iswhere the air comes in from the road want to make sure that there are noleaves you live in a state where there's like a lot of leaves or the debris inthe road especially in the fall want to check that seeing nothing covered backbecause that goes down into the bottom of the ear canister up to the filtrationsystem going into the mass air flow sensor here and that filter is the first line of defenseagainst causing this mass airflow sensor of goat bad or dirty and the ear goespast that mass airflow sensor down into

the rear of the engine where there's aflap control that opens and closes based on how much gas you're putting into theengine alright and that's that for the earintake filter change don't forget to subscribe don't forgetto like this video let me know what you think if you have any questions please ask

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