polo car

polo car

hey, mate. it's me. i'm in a real bind trafficwise.i know you're in town. is there any way you'll just beable to help me get to work? are you serious? yeah.i'll see you in two minutes. what a relief. hey, man.thanks -- thanks for this. i really appreciate it.the traffic.

>> i know. i know.>> james. [cheers and applause]james: i om need one. >> hold on.[cheers and applause] james: i really don't needeveryone. wow. >> the more the merrier, right?james: i guess. i guess. let's go.>> let's go.

>> make sure you put your seatbelts on. james: seat belts on.if anyone need to wee, hold it. we might get some food.do you guys hind if we listen to a bit of music -- mind if welisten to a bit of music? ♪ you're in secure, you'retushing heads when you walk through the doordon't make up to cover upbeing the way that you you are is enougheveryone else in the room can see iteveryone else but you

baby you light up my world likenobody else the way that you flip your hairgets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the groundit ain't hard to tell you don't knowyou don't know you're beautiful only i can seei want you so desperately right now i'm looking at you andi can't believe you don't know ooyou don't know you're beautiful ooothat's what makes you beautiful ♪>> stop it.

my ass is on fire. james: look, look, we have somepeople here. >> she's been following me forweeks. >> ohings my gosh -->> hello. >> drive safely. >> you don't have your belt on,young lady. >> i've seen her a couple oftimes. james: is it scary finding outwhere you live -- >> it does get a bit scary whenthey are kind of close -- when

people are close to your house.i remember a couple of years ago, i tweeted there's nothingworse than running out of milk because you can't have a cup oftea. someone's ringing me bell. it's this 45-year-old woman. said it's the milk.james: i do that all the time. if i were you i would just betweeting constantly. isn't it awful not waking upwith any lottery scratch card. leave the post box open. younever know.

one, two three four♪ the story of my lifei take her home i drive all nightto keep her warm insideit's frozen the story of my lifethe story of my life ♪ james: i want us to do a badcomedy. >> you start it off and i'llfollow. ♪james: guys, if we're going to make this work, you've got towatch me.

♪>> liam. >> sorry, i was just doing it. ♪[laughter] >> beautiful.♪ maybe it's the way she walks owstraight into my heart and story through the doors and past theguard just like she already onlyi say can you give her back to meshe said never in your wildest dreamshey

and we danced all nightto the best song ever we knew every linefor the best dance ever i won't forget herwe danced we dancedit goes something like this we knew every linenow i can't remember but i know i won't forget herbecause we danced to the best song ever ♪[applause] ♪ best song ever ♪>> go, james. this is all you.

♪ it was the best song everit was the best song ever ♪ faded out my own song.boy bands when i was growing up would also do dance routines andwhere the same clothes. and you've real cri kickedagainst that. why? >> it's not that we would kickagainst that. >> we just made a decision thatwe weren't going to be that. >> i think it makes sense thatthey would do that. but none of us dance.james: you would have a good

dance routine. >> we'll do it.james: you never made a video of "no control."and i think now we could make a video with choreography. ok.come with me on this. so you do this.waking up waking upbeside you i'm a loaded gunni'm a loaded gunn i can want contain this anymoreand this is the important bit

i'm all yoursand then you do this. there's no controlno control. i've got us some outfits towear. we're all wearing denim shirts.[cheers and applause] already this feels like we're aproper boy band. >> i'm now wearing double denim. >> you're winning already then.james: exactly. so now officially we are givingthe fans what they've us a wanted which is a music video to"no control" all in matching

outfits. >> you're welcome. ♪ just a fingerprint oflipstick's not enough sweet where you laystill a trace o innocence on the pillow casewaking up beside you i'm a loaded gunni can't contain this anymore i'm all yoursi got no control no controlpowerless and i don't carry it's obviousi just can want get enough of

youthe pedal's down my eyes are closedno control no controlno the tastewhere is it now? on my tonguei don't wanna wash the night beforenever wash it again beforein the heat where you layi could stay right here and burn in it all dayone two three four

waking upbeside you i'm a loaded gunn i can't contain this anymorei'm all yours i've got no controlno control ♪james: guys, i don't know about you, i think you should rethinkthis hiatus because i feels right. sit just me or does it feelright? is it just me or do you feelright? >> are you ok, james?james: i just feel like we

really hit somethingunbelievable. do you know the game sleep with,marry, cruise. one person has to gone a cruisefor a year sharing a room. you spend every i minute ofevery day but you do not sleep with them. one of them you marry an one ofthem you sleep with. >> just one night. james: one time. om one girl.

i'll give you your three.demi lovatos selena gomez and tina fey.there's your three. >> that's pretty good. james: theus pretty good, right? >> sleep with tina fey.marry selena gomez. james: good choice.>> an go on a cruise with demi lovato.james: great fun. great voice. good fun.good fun.

♪and if you like driving with your windows downand if you like going places we can't even pronounceif you like to do everything you've been dreaming aboutbaby i'm perfect baby i'm perfectso let's start right now ♪ james: so you're all gettingsome well deserved time off now. are you looking forward to itthis time off? or are you worried about it? >> it's a scary think because wehaven't stopped for five years.

i think more than ig we're goingto stop being on stage. but only we haven't seen ourfamily. so my mom and dad are going tolive with me a rib. so it's nice.>> it's going be interesting what each of us do asindividuals. it's going to be cool. ♪ all my life you stood by meand no one else was ever behind meall these lies can't buy me nobody can drag me downnobody can drag me down

[rapping]♪ [laughter]>> that was sick. the flow was so good.james: i can bring something to the band, guys!thanks for helping me get to work. i love you all very, verymuch. you're adorable boys.[cheers and applause]

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