polo car india price

polo car india price

hello and welcome to motorbeam volkswagen had launched their first ‘madefor india’ car, the ameo compact sedan a few months back. now inspite of being available only in thepetrol engine option, it has outsold all the other volkswagen cars last month. now, volkswagen has got a diesel engine inthe ameo and we are going to find out what’s so special about the diesel powered car. now this video will only focus on the dieselengine. so if you want to check out the interiorsand exteriors, you can click this link right

here and check out our exhaustive video reviewof the ameo. the 1.5-litre tdi engine is one of the bestin the segment. now, volkswagen has but a bigger turbochargerin the ameo so the power output has increased by 5 bhp. torque is still the same at 250 nm. turbo lag is also very well contained. the mid-range is quite punchy and this carredlines at a high 5400 rpm. the 5-speed manual transmission is quite slick and the clutch is also pretty light makingdriving quite easy.

but if you are one who prefers automatic,it has the state of the art 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. in the automatic, there is a slight lag whenyou just start off. this car is way ahead of its competition becausethe maruti suzuki dzire and the tata zest, both come with amt gearboxes. the dsg gearbox also offers a sports mode,however there are no paddle shifters. being the most powerful diesel car in itssegment, the ameo’s 0-100 km/hr time is blistering fast. the diesel car is heavier than the petrolso volkswagen has stiffened up the suspension.

this means this car is less bouncy and muchmore comfortable than the petrol one. handling is quite good, bodyroll is well containedbut the steering isn’t as feedback rich as you would want. the brakes bite well and the braking is quiteprogressive. the diesel engine gives the ameo what thepetrol lacks, which is performance. there are certain issues with the car likethe rear seat is cramped but if you are looking for a performance oriented compact sedan thisis one of the best options in the segment and if you are looking for a diesel automatic,this is the best option in the segment. thank you for watching, make sure like, comment,share and subscribe to the motorbeam channel.

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